Professional Payroll Bureau
in-house or external

Our Payroll Bureau is experienced in various industries - providing the best options for HMRC PAYE submissions, Payslips, Tax and Auto Enrolment requirements.

and Financial Reporting

Bookkeeping is the art of managing accountancy paperwork, reports and HMRC requirements - saving you time and money, before passing to the accountant.

Accountancy Software
and Online Solutions

Here at Swann Systems, we use the latest software to link with you, your accountant and HMRC. Choose from a range including XERO, SAGE and QuickBooks.

Software, Accounting and Bookkeeping

Spend time with one of our experienced bookkeepers to learn software like a pro! You could also learn more about bookkeeping and accountancy.

Business Start Up Programme

Cygnets Startup Programme is an 18-month programme for new business owners - to ensure viable business interests and to avoid common pitfalls!

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