Meet the Team

Sheila Bell

Sheila Bell

Training & Bookkeeping

Sheila established Swann Systems in 2002. With 15 years experience of running small business in the area, Sheila understands first hand the needs of business owners. As well as being an experienced Bookkeeper, Sheila also deliverers 1 to 1 training on Accountancy and Payroll systems, including bespoke packages such as SAGE.

What Does Your Company Do?

We are specialists in supporting small / micro businesses for their bookkeeping requirements, from training / consultancy to being saviours of "piddly" pieces of paper (small receipts to the wider world)

How did it all start with Swann?

I was given SAGE DOS in 2003 to work with for the company accounts, having entered 6mths accounts twice and having to delete it all ( due to lack of experience) I vowed that I would make sure no other small business owner would have the same trauma. This ethos has continued ever since. Having split up with a partner running a successful IT company in 2002 Swann Systems was founded to continue with the accounting software training. With young boys to look after a regular income was required, hence bookkeeping was added services offered.

What's Your Greatest Achievement?

I still "pinch" myself occasionally to believe that, I have grown the business with no assistance to have 5 staff / sub contractors, having brought up my boys and funded it all myself. The recognition from fellow business owners & contacts is humbling at times.

Which One Phrase Sums Up Your Attitude To Business Life?

Your client / customer comes first, aim to exceed their expectations, pre-empt what they are thinking, do everything with a smile.

Cym Basely
Cym Bookkeeping

Cym Baseley


How did it all start with Swann?

Sheila and I met at a Braunston business breakfast (the one and only), she happened to mention that she was looking for a bookkeeper for one day a week. I had just been made redundant and starting out full-time on our farm, so as I had bookkeeping qualifications it seemed an ideal opportunity to help ease the gaps in cash flow that come with farming.

What's your greatest achievement?

Having worked in managerial roles within the business and academic world, I now have had the opportunity to make a lifestyle change, living a more self sufficient lifestyle running our 25 acre smallholding.

Which one phrase sums up your attitude to business life?

Give life 100% and care about the people (and animals) around you, you will be rewarded.

Kate Lundy
Kate - Payroll Bureau

Kate Lundy

How did it all start with Swann?

I met Sheila many years ago at the Smart Women Networking Group in Daventry, where I was representing my employer at the time HSBC bank.
After I took early retirement Sheila invited me to join the Swann Team as her existing Payroll Clerk was retiring and the rest is history.

What is your greatest achievement?

As I approached the big 40, many years ago I committed to get fit and loose weight.  I joined a ladies only gym, this didn't happen overnight, but as my fitness levels improved, this was life changing in both my work and personal life and my whole attitude to life in fact ! I joined various Clubs to help me achieve the lifetime goals I'd set myself, through these I met a whole new social circle of like
minded people who have become life long friends. I have since competed in loads of running events 10K, 1/2 and full marathons, triathlons, open water and cross country events over the years and just love the outdoors. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I am that person.

Which one phrase sums up your attitude to business life?

Anything is possible

Caroline Rowlings
Caroline - Bookkeeping

Caroline Rowlings


Caroline is an experienced Bookkeeper and works with local business ensuring their monthly accounts are inputted correctly and kept up to date. Caroline is an Associate Member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.