Cygnets Business Start-Up Programme


Cygnets Programme

Welcome to Cygnets - a launch accelerator for start-ups; providing support, resource, experience, and reassuring guidance as you find your feet.

Having heard the phrase “I wish I had known that when I started my business” Cygnets was born. Giving new business owners such as yourself, all the basic information to run a business; helping to build strong foundations for your business future.


The Cygnets programme is designed to support start-up businesses and help them to build strong foundations for growth. The package can be tailored to match any stage of start-up business from legal registrations and incorporations to the end of your first financial year.

The full package is accessed via Microsoft Teams and will guide you through all you need to develop your business. You can work your way through from beginning to end or dip in and out, gaining information as you need it.

We train you to help you understand and make the best use of your accountancy software, along with the guidance for choosing the best package to suit your needs. As your business expands we can support you with the payroll bureau and making payroll calculations.

Cygnets' allows you to get on with the critical task of developing your business, whilst we take care of the administration.

Cygnets Modules - A Brief Overview

The Cygnets programme is broken down into 10 bite-size modules. Subscribers have access to all modules and can work through them in their own timescale. You can also then use them as a library to refer back to when the need arises.

The Cygnets Programme - Blog

Why did you?

A 4 minute, 3 question survey about why you started your business – and what information you wish you would have known at the time.

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Accounts, Expenses and Profit Margins

Module 3 helps you gain confidence with your accounting software. Allowing you the time and support to explore your systems further. Ensuring you have the correct margin in your invoices, you know what you can claim against your business and how to claim your expenses.

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HMRC, Record Keeping and Gateways

This is the second of our bite-size modules to guide you into starting up your new business. It is designed to guide you through the facilities on your Government Gateway and help you explore the options available to you to record your accounts.

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Welcome to Cygnets

Welcome to Cygnets a launch accelerator for start-ups; providing support, resource, experience, and reassuring guidance as you find your feet.

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WordPress Resources at SiteGround

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Vicente Jauregui – Pimaco

Swann Systems gives you peace of mind. They have a good team of experienced and well-trained people. The way Sheila treats my company with attention and care, defending my interest against third parties makes Swann the right decision for accounting, taxes and general companies advice.

Sali Brown – Chelton Brown

I would just like to thank you and your team, particularly Caroline, for doing such an amazing job. I get the reports I want, and everything is done in a timely and professional way. This leaves me with the time I need to run my business and not have to worry about the book-keeping.

Sue Barlow – SP Driving Ltd

We are so happy to have Swann Systems to help out with our payroll and accounts. All the team are friendly and helpful and nothing is too much trouble. Thank you all for your continued support.