Pensions and Auto-Enrolment

Pensions Act 2008 and You

Since October 2012, having a workplace pension scheme in place has been mandatory. 

Swann Systems can help to run a scheme that has already been set up by an IFA - keeping it as simple as sending in your employees' payroll data.

Once you are set up...

Are you asking...

  • Which staff qualify?
  • How to work this out?
  • How to administer the scheme once running?
  • What to send to your staff?
  • What if they say no?
  • What records do I need to keep?

Swann services include;

  • Submission of Auto-Enrolment Declaration of Compliance
  • Letting you know who is and is not eligible
  • Your minimum contributions
  • Monthly break down of employer contributions
  • Submission of payroll data to your pension provider
  • Assistance with letters to staff

What is Auto-Enrolment?


An overview of Auto-Enrolment - Who is Workie and what does he mean to me?

Sheila from Swann Systems leads a webinar discussing;

  • What is Auto-Enrolment
  • How does it affect my business/company?
  • When do I have to be ready?
  • What are 'Staging Dates'?
  • What are the penalties?
  • What do I tell my employees?

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Pensions and Auto-Enrolment Blogs

Pensions Auto-Enrolment – I’m Set Up, Now What?

Sheila from Swann Systems discusses what happens after you have set up your pension scheme.

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