Time Management tips

How can I better manage my time when it comes to managing the accounts, sales and invoices? This article gives some handy hints for managing your time.

 Accounts: –

  • Keep a tray, box, folder, drawer just for all your accounts “piddly” pieces of paper
  • Sales – process as soon as you can – send the invoices, chase payments
  • Allocate a day on your diary to process the accounts – can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly
  • Pick the time when you are at most proactive, to process your accounts – allocate 1 hour
  • Tell any staff members you are in a meeting none contactable, make sure all phones are on silent – turn emails off – Solely concentrate on the accounts. 
  • You will be amazed how much you get done! 
  • If you hate doing it – get a bookkeeper to do it for you. 

Clients: – 

  • If you have regular client visits, meetings – then try to get them booked into your diary for the whole year. 
  • Gives your clients peace of mind and you a regular income. 

Marketing: – 

  • Allocate time to check – emails, social media etc – do not be side tracked all day by answering as soon as notification arrives. 
  • You are much better to spend allocated time – beware – don’t overstay your welcome! – if you tend to loose track of time. Set your phone timer! Gives you an appreciation of how long tasks take. 
  • When you get your new diary – I normally get mine in September for the next yr!

Take a break:-

Pencil in your holiday time. Book the bank holidays off. Make time for yourself and your loved ones. “Too much work makes Jack a dull boy” is very true. When you are working on your own there is nobody to tell you to go home!! – So get your phone alarm to get you to stop.