Sharon Keaveney Designer Travel

This is a testimonial for Sheila Bell at Swann Systems, having spent the last 3 Decembers sitting for hours at my dining room table surrounded by receipts trying to put my tax return together, something needed to change. Since joining BNI Godiva I would listen to Sheila talking about piddly bits of paper. I decided this was my escape route to no more hours stuck at that table. I explained to Sheila that my friend does my accounts and I just have to provide her with all the info. She suggested Xero to me. I bought the box of piddly bits of paper to her and for a very reasonable price she set up Xero, loaded the transactions and linked my business bank account, all I need to do is log on and reconcile any transactions that Xero can’t determine. Not only has it made my life easier and less stressful my accountant loves it to. So if you are getting in a muddle with your piddly bits of paper then I highly recommend a chat with Sheila, I am now a Swan gliding through the tax year rather than that duck fighting my way through a sea of paper. Thanks to Sheila and the team at Swann Systems