Accounts, Expenses and Profit Margins

Module 3 helps you gain confidence with your accounting software. Allowing you the time and support to explore your systems further. Ensuring you have the correct margin in your invoices, you know what you can claim against your business and how to claim your expenses.

In addition, Module 3 guides you as your business expands:

Payroll – employing someone else, paying them, employers liability insurance, pensions and auto-enrolment.

Import & Export – understanding how to import and export goods for your business.

In Module 3 you will:

  • Training on accounts package – Module 3 include an hours’ training on your accounts package
  • Collect data sales & purchases
  • Mileage & Data collection / motor expenses
  • Use of Home Calculator/rent premises?
  • Explain PAYE & Auto-enrolment, run first-month Payroll
  • Understand import/export needs of the business