Welcome to Cygnets

Welcome to Cygnets a launch accelerator for start-ups; providing support, resource, experience, and reassuring guidance as you find your feet.

Having heard the phrase “I wish I had known that when I started my business”  Cygnets was born. Giving new business owners such as yourself, all the basic information to run a business; helping to build strong foundations for your business future.

The Cygnets programme is broken down into 10 bite-size modules. Subscribers have access to all modules and can work through them in their own timescale. You can also then use them as a library to refer back to when the need arises.


Let me now give you a taster of what you will find in Module 1

We aim to support you with the following first steps of setting up:

  • Meet with one of our team take your business idea through the Business Module Canvas to get an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses to take the idea forward.
  • Provide advice on bookkeeping and the records that you will need to keep
  • Assist in the creation of your business
  • Open your gateway accounts and request the facilities that your business will require
  • Open a business bank account – if required
  • Decide on Company name and website?


Having completed Module 1 you should be able to:

Understanding your ‘legal entity’ – your business type is so important as it impacts on many of your business decisions in the future. You will be expected to file the majority of your HMRC returns via your government gateways. Company websites are important to keep your branding universal to any customer, supplier.